Saturday, December 26, 2009

Some people are just not nice......

Hmmmm seems a particular person is getting a bit nasty and is calling my creations "imitations".....well we'll least Halle Jay DOESN'T do plagiarism!!!!

If they seem to find it that offensive...well perhaps they are feeling a little threatened by my gorgeous creations!! AND perhaps they need to stop leaving "not nice" comments on my blog......considering I've been creating SS Jewellery for the past 4 years....where on earth did they get their ideas from hey???  One particular store in the US - LLD online has some really amazing stuff!!  Her little saying is....I quote "this website contains original graphics and art, so get inspired but don’t steal, karma is real."  Karma will come back and really bite ya on the arse!!
Perhaps copyright of my photos is NOT a good thing also!!  I would love to call her a particular name....but I won't stoop as low as her!!
Take a look and tell me what YOU think of this particular blog.....I think it's NOT NICE!! :-P
My thumbs are down for this blogger!

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