Friday, September 2, 2011

We are needing a name and you can help us!

"Name that pendant giveaway"

This gorgeous thick sterling silver pendant measures 2cm square and is thick enough to be stamped on BOTH sides and is valued at $110 + postage.
BUT we need a name!!  Can you help us?

If so, send us your suggestion either via our Halle Jay Facebook Page, Halle Jay on Twitter, email us or leave a comment on the blog!  Simple and easy :)

If more than one person chooses the same name that we like, they will go into a draw to win one of these gorgeous pendants!

Comp is open until Monday 12th September. So get those thinking caps on peeps!
Don't forget to tell all your friends!



  1. Double delight square! ) as in can be stamped both sides)

    ' Boxed In'

    ' square of love'

    ' Think inside the square'

    ' square with Flair'

    ' love all boxed up'

    Debbie Mowatt ( Facebook name)

  2. I've noticed that your designs have one or maybe two words so I thought a perfect name for your new pendant is:

    Love² (Love squared)

    Thanks, Joni

  3. My suggestion is "cearnach" which is Irish for square.


  4. What about 'Family Box' or My Family Box'

  5. Love box

    Family cube

    Cube of love

    4 sided love

    Message board

    Window to your soul

  6. tandem delight
    bliss x2
    double trouble
    twin stamping
    mirror stamp

  7. Compass Love

    Silver Compass

    Square Directions

    Beautiful necklace :-)

  8. I love how it is a double sided pendant which means no matter which way it falls others will see what is close to your heart. I have;

    'Revolving Story'
    'Open heart'
    'Cherished Love'
    'Free heart'